TMX 03 Plus is a GPS tracking and remote diagnostics device. It sends information regarding location, speed and direction, engine status and much more.The information is stored and processed on a highly secured server called TELEMATRIX. Our device establishes internet connection using the GSM network through GPRS/2G and 3G. The remote diagnostics procedure, by connecting to the EOBD mainframe of the vehicle (CAN / K-Line), able’s you to perform a remote health check of the vehicle using the web interface accessible from any browser. This system can be used also outside the country through roaming services. The device is able to store information up to 2 hours in case of GSM signal loss, this buffer system ensures that no tracking information will be lost.

The device uses a SIM card with a data plan that provides a minimum of 350 MB / month internet traffic option. For the installation of this module you need to provide a 12V DC power supply and access to the data mainframe of the vehicle.

To access the device remotely, you need a valid account on that you can access using a user name and password.

Package content:

  • TMX 03 Plus device
  • GPS antenna with SMA connection and 3m cable
  • GSM antenna with SMA connection and 3m cable
  • Power supply harnes
  • Metallic installation bracket
  • SIM adapter sticker
First make sure that you identified the right place for the device. The device must be installed inside the vehicle, safe from water, high heat or strong electro magnetic radiation. The GPS antenna must be positioned in such way that no metal shielding is present between the antenna and the sky. Second step is connecting the power supply harness:

RED - power supply “+” 12V

BLACK - ground “-”

WHITE - “+”12V ACC ( key ignition)

BLUE - standard for auxiliary devices ( only compatible with EB 01).

GREEN - CAN “-” ( low) or L-line.

YELLOW - CAN “+” (high) or K-line.

Insert the SIM car as shown below, screw on the two antennas and then connect the power supply plug.

If the device is registered on a valid account, you will be able to see after a few seconds the online indicator from the app turning green.

Before installing make sure to register the device using the serial number on the back of the housing. To receive a valid GPS location the car must be directly under the sky, not in the garage / body shop.

After powering on the device, you will be able to see the led’s flashing from left to right. After a few seconds the device enters a low power mode and flashes only the indicator below the power icon. (1puls/2sec.)

One last step has to be performed and for this you need to run the car over a smooth surface to calibrate the accelerometer.

The calibration is done by, starting the car, click the calibrate button on the app, then drive the car 10 m and stop. If the calibration was done right you will receive a message that says “calibration successful”

The device has 4 icon’s to indicate the state. If you observe the fast flashing of a single icon then please visit the troubleshoot paragraph of this manual.

Note: The average time interval for a successful internet connection may vary depending on GSM network availability, IP address allocation rate, etc. The device enters hibernation in 90 min. after a complete engine/ignition stop, in this state the power consumption of the device drops below 60mA. In cold start the GPS location data is available only after apro. 3min.
Communication standards
  • GPRS/2G, 3G, Wifi
  • 900/1800MHz, 900/2100MHz
    900/1800MHz, 900/2100MHz
  • Siguranta: EN60950-1:2006+A1:2010+A12:2011
  • EMC: En3001 489-1 V1.9.2 En301 489-7 V1.3.1
    • PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, Smart TV
    • Windows 10/8/7/XP, Mac OS, Linux, Android
    • Internet connection
    • Web Brower ( Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome)
    • HTTPS through TLS 1.2 (2048 bit)
    • PCP by O.M.D Laboratory
    Temperature range

    Storage: -15...+50 C
    Use: 0...+40 C

    Power supply

    Voltage: 11...15V DC
    Current: Min. 500mA


    Housing dimensions 48 x 24 x 103 mm
    Package dimensions 170 x 65 x 250 mm
    GPS antenna 50x40x13mm ( cable length 3m)
    GSM antenna 20x115x3mm ( cable length 3m)

    The fast flashing of only one icon mens an error has occurred, as follows:

    GSM network connection error
    Server connection ERROR
    ECU communication error
    Internal protocol error

    Troubleshoot procedure:

    GSM connection error:

    • check GSM antenna and SMA plug
    • check SIM card, make sure is in the right position
    • check the data plan on the SIM card

    Server connection error:

    • compare the serial number from the device whit the account
    • check internet connection and if the server is online

    ECU communication error:

    • check the connection to the bus line (CAN or K-Line)
    • check if the engine/ ignition is on

    Internal protocol error:

    • try restarting the device by unplugging the power supply harness