TMX 02

Just place the device in the diagnostic socket, located somewhere around the dashboard, turn on the ignition and let the device do its job.

Now, when you call your mechanic, he will be able to gain access and proceed with the diagnostic procedure.

In case you experience a problem outside the working hours of the repair shop that you are affiliated to, you can call the Call Center service.

If no one answers your emergency call, you place the module as described above, and wait for the module to record your fault data which will be analyzed first thing by the designated specialists.


It is a mobile device running on the GSM network. It requires a SIM card along with a subscription or data-package. It can be used on multiple vehicles.

The system is compatible with all available brands of passenger vehicle that support OBD protocol and poses OBD diagnostic plug.

The number of available test, functions and parameters, depends strictly on the capacity to provide given by the vehicle.

The communication and data transfer is in real time, with a refresh rate starting at 0.5 sec.

The system relies on the terminal that you provide meaning a PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, there is no compatibility issue depending on brand or operating systems, the only capacity required is to be able to display a web page ( HTML 5) .

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