Designed to execute engine block feature by interrupting one or two circuits (eg. starter command wire). Is part of the auxiliary devices and is compatible only with TMX 03.


It has the following features:

  • alerting the vehicle owner that his car alarm signals a possible break in
  • alerting the vehicle owner that his car is being stolen
  • disabling the vehicles start function (only by request, not an automated function)

The device has one or two no/nc relay circuits that can be configured/adapted to the needs of the technician that installs the system. The device does not stop a running engine. It waits for a complete engine shutdown
first and then activates the engine block function by switching the relays state. The engine block function can be activated only from a valid and functional Telematrix web account. Depending on the GSM network response time, the block/unblock command may take between 5 and 40 seconds.

TMX EB 01 is designed to work only in conjunction with telematic modules from the TMX 03 series. Due to this fact, please note that the communication between then is possible only through a BUS line designed by O.M.D., called the X-Line. The module (device) also has two digital trigger inputs with a +9V threshold level. Input 1 needs to be connected to a positive trigger, like a door switch or interior dome light. Input 2 must be connected to the alarm trigger output of the alarm system. (positive signal)


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